Biber: A BibTeX replacement for users of BibLaTeX

The biblatex package is becoming the definitive citation management tool for LaTeX users. Biblatex provides a powerful and flexible macro interface for authors of citation styles.

Biblatex's own data backend processor, biber, allows biblatex to offer the following features:

Biber has a comprehensive PDF manual which you can find on SourceForge in the documentation folder for the release. Much of the functionality is exposed through BibLaTeX and the BibLaTeX PDF manual is the primary source for much Biber+BibLaTeX information. Biber-only features are marked prominently in the BibLaTeX manual with the marginal note "Biber only"

Biber 2.11 is now released. It should be used in conjunction with biblatex 3.11".

Source code repository and bug tracker on Github

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